If you have come across a daunting challenge and feel stuck on how to go about it, fret not.

All you need is a couple of design thinking exercises to blast through those creative blocks and into the realm of creative confidence.

The below steps is what I use to…

“People convince themselves. We convince them of nothing.”

Jobs to Be Done (JTBD) is a theory of how people buy. Demand-side sales is a method popularized by Bob Moesta for building a sales program around JTBD.

Understanding consumers at a deep and empathetic level add value to the sales approach…

Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

I remember wanting someone to create Idea Bakery for me by sharing it in a public pitch.

I come from a front-end development background, and the backend was always scary for me to touch.

  • Should I use Ruby on Rails or go with Javascript?
  • How do entity relationships work?
  • What…

When the Product Hunt team put a tweet out calling for hosts in cities to host their Global Meetup we jumped at the opportunity.

Having conducted multiple workshops for the design community in Sri Lanka with the Very Bad Wizards (a product & service design agency) we thought this…

Shavin Peiries

Co-Founder of Very Bad Wizards (https://verybadwizards.io)

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